Inspecting the Bees in the Spring of 2017

In the spring of 2017, we got to work with Mike and Julie’s honey bees again. We learned even more in 2017 and got to work a little more actively in their hives.


Here is a picture taken in February of 2017. If you look closely at this pictures you’ll see honey bees on the front of both the hives.




Look at the bees flying home or flying away.




You can really see the bees wings in this picture. Bees have two sets of wings. When they fly, the two sets of wings attach together for simultaneous motion.




Look at how many bees are coming and going from just two hives on a warm day in February.




This bee is investigating the rock on top of her hive.


These next photos are from May of 2017. Mike and Julie split one of the hives to create three full sized hives and one nuc. A nuc is a bee box with only five frames inside it.


When you keep bees you need a lot of equipment. Here we are helping Mike and Julie bringing equipment down to where the beehives are.




Here we are preparing to start a hive inspection.




Mike and Julie are each inspecting a hive here. Julie is going to split one of the hives and create a second full sized hive. Mike is making the nuc, the little wood box.




Here we are continuing to inspect the hives. Us girls are helping Mike with his inspection and split.




The front deep box is resting kiddy corner on the covers so that grass does not stick to the bottom of it.




Mike is holding up a frame in this picture. The bees have just started drawing out the comb on this frame.




Mike is showing the frame to Bethany, Abigail, and Olivia.



Mike is showing the other side of the frame to the girls. When inspecting a hive, a beekeeper checks both sides of each frame for eggs or the queen, brood in all stages, and honey and pollen. There is capped brood, larvae, and honey on this side of the frame.




Here we are finishing up the inspection.








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  1. I’m really surprised how active the bees are in February. Another bit of info that they have two wings and that they merge when flying is incredible. How great is a God who fashions everything in nature so wonderfully! Even the small bees.
    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful facts. It helps us to praise God even more.
    Grandma and Grandpa Kelly

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