Rendering Beeswax

Rendering beeswax is an important step in making beeswax products. Rendering is a process of filtering out impurities, that come from bees living and working in the comb, by melting and filtering the comb/wax. If the wax is not rendered properly it will not be clean and products will not be effective and candles and art made out of wax will not look nice and none of it will smell nice.


This is a bucket of beeswax before the rendering process.  This was harvested from the hives and it is made up of brood comb, honey comb, and burr comb.  The darkest stuff has been well used brood comb.  When bees emerge, they leave cocoons behind and that darkens the comb.  The lighter comb is fresher comb, usually it was new or simply stored honey.  The burr comb is comb the bees built in areas that we, as beekeepers, don’t want it built, so it is removed.





My mom is tying an old shirt on our crock pot. Many other people use cheese cloth to Render the wax this also works.




Abigail is pouring  water into the crock pot to help melt the wax.




Abigail and Bethany adding beeswax on top of the shirt, while the younger sibling watch on with glee.




Adding more beeswax. We will have to do another batch of rendering.




The beeswax just starting to melt. melting the beeswax will take a couple of hours for each set of beeswax.




The is beeswax mostly melted. look at all the impurities  in the wax.




The beeswax is all Rendered and starting to harden.



Here is a ball if  impurities it can be use as a fire starter, chicken food and many other things.




On a different day we are rendering new wax from honey supers. This is like virgin wax and is perfect for products that will be put on or in the body.  I will explain the difference in wax in future posts.

Here is Olivia adding wax to our crock pot.




This is the crock pot with wax in it.



Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the wax filtered and hardened.



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