Preparing for the State Fair

Late summer is a really busy time for beekeepers. It is not only the end of the honey flow and start of the mite treatment season; it is also State Fair season. Honey flow is the season when lots of nectar comes into the hive and lots of honey is made.  If you want to enter beekeeping related products in the state fair, you have to prepare the entries and get them to the fair. Pictures can be taken throughout the year. Beeswax can be rendered throughout the year, also, but the important work is done right before the state fair. Such as getting pictures ordered, making candles, making creams, and other things.  Honey is processed and filtered right before the state fair as the competition is strong in that category and the requirements are very strict.


Olivia taking pictures of the bees’ entrance.




Olivia and me taking pictures and chitchatting. Once you start taking pictures of bees you are addicted.




Some beeswax that we rendered and made into candles the Iowa State Fair. If you don’t know what rendering is I wrote a blog post called Rendering Beeswax.



Spoiler Alter!


Olivia and her envelope that contains her prize money. All Olivia’s hard work of making candles paid off.




Olivia acting shocked about the prize money.








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