State Fair 2017

At the Iowa State Fair there is an Iowa Honey Producers Association a booth in which you can see different products of a hive and things beekeepers make from the hive.

Here you can see different home made honey bee themed gift baskets. In the baskets you can see books, candles, cream soaps, and many other useful items. This is one of the categories you can enter in to get a prize and a ribbon.




Here is a presentation. You chose a theme and make a presentation based on that theme. This can also be entered for a prize.



Another presentation box. Look at all the cute toys.




Here is a presentation box that relays the commercial beekeeper world.




Here are candles, beeswax blocks, and honey that were entered in the fair. We entered in the candle category. I will point out ours in a different picture.




Olivia and her picture, the one to her right with the front of the hive with bees on it.




Abigail and her picture, the one on the lowest shelf to her right this is a frame of brood.




Bethany with her picture, the one to her right her hand is under.




Moms picture placed fourth  in the adult beekeeping related catagor . Notice Olivia gets to be in the prize winning picture.




This ones on the shelf are the youth pictures excluding the winners.




Here are the prize winning pictures of the youth and adults. Mom’s picture is fourth from the left on the second shelf.




Here is Olivia looking at her second place winning rose candles.




Our candles: Olivia’s are the rose candles, Abigail’s are the candles in the glass, and Bethany’s candles are the ones shaped like bee hives right behind the tall thick spiral ones.








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