The Iowa Honey Producers Association’s Annual Conference

One of the requirements of the scholarship is attending the IHPA‘s annual conference. In 2017, it was held in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The conference is a two day event. We had to go to at least part of the first day because I would be interviewed on the first day and the banquet was on the first day.

The first session we attended was on pollinator friendly gardening with Rhonda Fleming Hayes as the speaker. This session was really interesting because she explained how it is easy to have a pollinator friendly gardening.  One interesting thing about Ms. Flemming Hayes is that my mom had checked out her book, Pollinator Friendly Gardening: Gardening for Bees, Butterflies, and Other Pollinatorsfrom the library in a previous winter because she wanted to add more pollinator friendly plants to our house.



Bethany and I at the Women is Beekeeping breakout session. This session was a question and answer time with an all female panel. Two of the panelist are prominent Iowan beekeepers, Erin Miller and  Maia Jaycox. Erin Miller is the IHPA vice president and Maia Jaycox was the 2017 American Honey Queen.




Here is a picture of the panel. Maia Jaycox is the one wearing the crown.




After the breakout session, we went to where all the youth scholarship finalist were assembling. The 2017 Youth Scholarship recipients shared about their year. Then the 2018 queen candidates shared how they got interested in beekeeping.  Maia Jaycox, the 2017 Anerican Honey Queen shared how she got interested in beekeeping and about the American Honey Queen Program. Carly Raye Vannoy, the 2017 Iowa Honey Queen, then gave a presentation on beekeeping. She is such a good speaker and her presentation was informative and interesting. During Carly Raye Vannoy’s presentation, the youth scholarship finalist were called back and interviewed. I was nervous for my interview, but it turned out to be a lot less nerve racking then I thought it would be.



Shortly after the interview was the banquet. Here are Bethany and I at the banquet. Dennis VanEngelsdorp was the speaker during the banquet.




Here are all of the 2018 Youth Scholarship winners. I’m standing behind the coordinator. I believe there were nineteen winners in all.




Here are the rest of the winners.




There I am (in the red dress) walking off stage. After standing on stage, we took pictures.




Here are the five of us girls on Saturday at the conference.




Here is Olivia excited to be at the conference.








Here I am. On Saturday, we attended a session called The State of the Iowa Honeybees. Andy Joseph, our state apiarist, shared his observations on the health of Iowa’s honey bees.


We also attended a session on oxalic acid presented by Marion Ellis, a second session presented by Dennis VanEngelsdorp, and a session on honey bees in Iowa presented by Matt O’Neal. We attended a breakout session on beginning beekeeping that Doyle Kincy taught. Mr. Kincy is part of the Friendly Beekeepers of Iowa and will show up again on the blog, so keep reading.

The IHPA conference was very informative and interesting. I am excited for the next year’s conference.







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