The Arrival of Our Beekeeping Supplies

We ordered our beekeeping supplies in January. They arrived just a few days after we ordered them.


Abigail, eager to get our beekeeping supplies, went outside barefoot in the middle of January. They were huge boxes and extremely heavy.




Abigail and our three boxes of beekeeping supplies.




Abigail holding a one gallon feeder. A feeder holds sugar syrup in a safe way for the bees to eat.




I am holding a package of deep, unassembled  frames. Deep frames will be holding brood and pollen in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Abigail is holding a bee brush. Bee brushes are used to gently brush bees off frames and other surfaces.




Here is the inside of one of the boxes of bee supplies. You can see foundation which we will put in the frames to give the bees a head start on making comb. There are bee jackets with attached veils which are used to protect our face, arms and chest from bee stings. You can also see a brown box. Inside this box is a smoker which is used to calm down bees.




Abigail and her bee suit.




This is the smoker. Abigail won a smoker at the annual IHPA conference. Now we have two smokers.




Foundation and frames in the box.




I love my suit so much I started playing games in it.




Abigail and me modeling our new suits and acting like weirdos.






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  1. Truly the fashion of the day. It must make you proud to be setting out on such a wonderful adventure. Can’t wait to see you with your own bees and honey. Looks like you are well prepared. Bee-utiful!

    Grandma Kelly

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