Making Bee Boxes and Frames

You can buy assembled or unassembled hive bodies and frames. Assembled equipment is put together and is therefore more expensive. Unassembled is not built and less expensive. As part of the IHPA Scholarship, Abigail received an unassembled hive. The hive consists of two deeps, two honey supers, the bottom board and covers, and all the frames. We also bought a second hive for Bethany. Now we had to assemble the hives with the help of our mentors.


Bethany and Olivia getting ready to work. We are inside because its the middle of January and is cold outside.




Bethany, Olivia, and Abigail hammering nails into frames while our mentor, Mike, keeps a watchful eye.




Trying to square a bee box. If the box is not square the frames will not fit properly.




Olivia and Abigail hammering nails into a bee box.




Bethany squaring a box outside when it got warmer.




Bethany and Abigail getting out pieces of frames.




Mr. Sander checking over frames and using a nail gun to put the nails in tilted at the top of the frame. These nails are important because as the frame is filled with brood and honey the weight of it will weigh on the top of the bar. If the brood and honey becomes to heavy, the top of the frame will break of from the rest of the frame.




Mom giving a goofy face and taking a break from work.




One of our younger sisters was playing with toys and making a mess.



Now we need to paint the boxes. We will do this after we find paint that is on sale.




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