Gluing and Painting Bee Boxes

We are in full bee preparation mode.  In march we needed to finish getting out equipment ready.  Today we are going to put extra glue on the joints of our boxes before painting them. Not every one glues bee boxes. We glued the edges of the bee boxes to prevent them from soaking up a lot of paint. We also wanted to make sure these boxes will last as long as possible.  We used Titebond III because it was recommended by veteran beekeepers in our beekeeping class and of course, Mr. Mike uses it and since we are his protegees, we must use it also.


Here are Bethany and Abigail gluing bee boxes on cardboard.




Abigail using a rag because we could’t find any good brushes for gluing.




Bethany carefully gluing the box and her pants.




Bethany handing glue to Abigail.




Abigail and Olivia dancing to the music.  What else are girls to do in a large open space when no one is watching?




The source of the music.




Abigail and Olivia dancing more with the spare time and the no one supervising.



I danced too but I made sure no pictures of me dancing were taken.



On a different day in March we painted our boxes and bottom boards. Painting helps your hive last longer just like any thing else you put outside. We wanted to make sure our hives last a long time. We also painted a couple bees.  Mom purchased this paint at Lowes.  It was a mistint and therefore cheap for good outdoor paint.  $35 for a 5 gallon bucket makes beautiful hive bodies.


Our younger sibling watching Bethany and older sister paint deeps. We were fortunate to get mistint paint and primer in one.




Abigail painting bottom board sides and front.




A younger sibling helping with the painting job. My family is awesome!




Abigail  is done with the first coat of paint on the bottom board.




Abigail doing another coat of paint on the bottom board. See how Abigail didn’t paint the middle of the bottom board?




Olivia is helping with the second coat of paint on the deeps while Bethany takes her turn taking pictures.




Look a bee! I guess she likes paint more than flowers.




Or maybe she likes Abigail’s hand.




This bee has pollen in her pollen baskets.




A bee we successfully marked.




Now we are painting the top of our hives just to be sure we weather proof it. Some people don’t paint the tops it doesn’t matter much either way.



We had a blast painting and preparing to bring the bees home.













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