Preparing for Bees


We set up our hives for the bees two days before we got them. We got the boxes on top of cement blocks and evened them out.


Here is Abigail sanding out the extra paint on the bottom board.




Now Bethany is sanding the bottom of the deep box.




Here Bethany is trying to even out the bricks. We set up our hives so that they were leaning slightly forward. We did this so that the water would drain out of the hive.




Abigail checking out to see if the bricks are even.




Here are the last checks.

We marked our bee boxes with the date and DA for Dassel Acres. This was suggested during the bee class to know the year the frames were in and to help know who they belong to if stolen.



After we finished preparing for bees all that was left for us to do was wait for our packages to be ready.















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