The First Inspection of Our Hives

23 April 2018


Two days after installing our bees, we inspected them. In this inspection we switched the cork out for a marshmallow.

Here we are lighting our smoker.




Here I am smoking my hive to calm them down.




Here is what the hive looked like when we opened it up. The bees seemed to adapt well to their new home.




We added the leftover sugar syrup that came in the package with them to the feeder.




A pollen patty is fed to packages so that the bees will have plenty of pollen to feed the brood.




Here is what the bees looked like at the end of the hive inspection.




Here we are beginning to inspect Bethany’s hive. Olivia smoked the hive.




Here is what Bethany’s hive looked like when we opened it up.




Here is Bethany adding the leftover sugar syrup to her hive.




Here is Bethany looking at her frames. The bees had built out just the littlest bit of comb.




As we pulled the frames apart the bees held on to each other and made bridges. Two bees in this picture are holding on to each other.




Here is what Bethany’s queen cage looked like when she pulled it out. We were afraid maybe the bees did not like the queen so we shoved two marshmallows in the hole. We thought this might make sure they would not release her before they were used to her.




Here is Bethany getting ready to put the marshmallows in the hole.




Here is Bethany taking off her gloves so that she could shove the marshmallows in the hole easier.




Here is Bethany actually switching out the cork. She is not wearing gloves because the marshmallows were sticking to her gloves.




This is what the bees looked like right before we closed up Bethany’s hive.




We only have nine frames in our hives because the feeder is in the hive.

Bethany named her hive Lakti and her queen’s name is Perry. I named my hive Green Gables and my queen is Anne.


It was really exciting to see how our bees had already built out comb and were getting ready to collect pollen and nectar.





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