Building and Painting Nucs and Swarm Traps

We chose to make our own nucs because it is cheaper and that is what our mentor does. When you are not a professional, follow the person that is right? And thankfully we got lots of help from our mentor and our friends. Making connections really does help.


We started working on our project at the end of March by cutting wood with our mentor.

Here is Abigail, Nathan, and Mr. Sander working on cutting the wood. We used a table saw that Mr. Sander has.




Here is Nathan, Mr. Sander, and me working on cutting wood. Yes, I was very cold in my defense it was way warmer earlier that day.




Abigail trying to measure an almost impossible cut.



For almost a month we forget about the nuc boxes than we have our bees. We thought about our future plans and realized we needed those nuc boxes. In April we start assembling nuc boxes.


Here are Abigail and Mom assembling a box together.




Here are Nathan and Josiah (a friend) assembling a box together.  I am assembling a box by myself. It would have been easier with help but I did get help eventually and it was Dad so it was all good.




Here is Abigail helping Matt (another friend) and Olivia with the nuc box.




A stack of nuc boxes finished.



We didn’t have painting pictures but it took us two more days to paint all the nucs and swarm traps and one more day to assemble the swarm traps. Now we have one swarm trap sitting in our yard waiting to go to a friend’s house.




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