May 11th Hive Check

On May 11th we just peeked into the hives, because it was raining. We wanted to make sure that the bees had plenty of room to continue to build up. Hives should not be checked when it is raining because all the bees are home.



This is what my hive looked like when we opened them up.




After a couple minutes the bees crawled into the hive to escape the rain.




Olivia is scraping off the burr comb.




The bees on this frame are filling the cells with nectar.




An entrance reducer makes the entrance smaller. This helps the bees, because than they only have to defend a small entrance.




This is what Bethany’s hive looked like when we opened it up.




This is what Maylyn looked like when we opened it up.




There where not a ton of bees in the top brood box.




We checked the bottom of the box for queen cells.




Bridge comb is the comb bees build between boxes so that they can crawl up into the next box.




The hive tool is pointing to an empty queen cell. An empty queen cell is a cell that does not have an egg in it.




There were lots of bees between the frames in the bottom brood box of Maylyn.





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  1. Oh, what a joyful time you must have had exploring your precious bees’ handiwork and to see the “sweet” result of your diligent care of the bees and their hives!!! What a wonder God made when He designed and created those little beauties! Thank you for sharing!

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