June 9th Hive Check

On June 9th, we checked all the hives.



We opened our hives and smoked the bees to calm them down.

Here Abigail is pulling the inner cover off her hive and Bethany is smoking her hive.

This is what Abigail’s hive looked like when she opened it up.

Here is what Bethany’s hive looked like when she opened it up.

This is a frame from Bethany’s hive. The bees from the middle of the frame had emerged and the the queen laid more eggs in the cells.

Olivia is looking at a super frame to see how much honey the bees put on it.

There were so many bees in Maylyn that the bees literally overflowed the boxes.



Lots of bees means the hive is thriving which made us very happy.





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