Moving a Nuc into a Deep

On July 4th, we checked Maylyn, Green Gables (Abigail’s hive), and Lakti (Bethany’s hive). We also moved Olivia’s nuc into a deep box.



Here I am filling up our spray bottle with one to one sugar syrup. We will spray the sugar syrup on the new frames we are putting in the hive.




Mom and I smoked all of the hives.




At the beginning of every hive check, we open up all the hives we are going to check. This makes the bees defend their hive instead of trying to rob their neighbors hive.




Abigail takes the top super off of Bethany’s hive so that she can inspect the top deep box.




To move a nuc into a deep, we needed a bottom board, a deep box with four frames and a feeder, a inner cover, and a outer cover. A leveler is used to make sure that the bottom board is level.




Mom and Abigail straighten out the boxes on Bethany’s hive. We did this so that there are as few cracks as possible between the boxes. This helps the bees regulate the temperature of the hive.




We discussed how exactly we were going to move Olivia’s bees into a deep.




Mom is leveling the bottom board from back to front. A level bottom board is important because if the bottom of the hive is not level it could tip over easily. We tip the hives just the slightest bit forward so that any water can run out of the hive.




Mom then leveled the bottom board from side to side. There are two nucs in the background of this picture. Both of these nucs came from Maylyn. One of the nucs is Olivia’s hive, Primlox. The other nuc we gave to a beekeeper who lost some hives when parts of town flooded in July.



Here is Abigail inspecting Maylyn. She looked for the queen, eggs, and made sure they did not need more space. Because we split them twice the queen was relatively young. Abigail found eggs and the bees still had plenty of space.




Here is Olivia’s nuc next to the deep we moved them into.




Here is Olivia beginning to move the frames into the deep.




We put the brood frames in the middle of the deep and the resource frames went right next to the brood frames. We did this so that the bees would not overdraw the resource frames.




Olivia carefully put the frame with the queen in the middle. Olivia made sure she knew which frame the queen was on so she could be extra careful with her.




Here Olivia is putting a third frame in the deep.




Olivia inspected this brood frame to see if the queen was on it.




Olivia pushed the frames together to make sure that she could fit all the frames in the deep. Nine frames and a feeder is tight in a ten frame deep.




Here is Olivia putting in the last resource frame.




Abigail finished up inspecting Maylyn while Olivia grabbed the sugar syrup.




Olivia fed her hive because it was a small hive and they needed to build out frames and fill them with honey for winter in around four months.




We also split Bethany’s hive. We think her hive was honey bound. They were preparing to swarm when we took the queen and three brood frames and two resource frames and made a nuc. This gave the established hive new frames to draw out and put brood in. We put it on a bench in front of the rest of the hives so that the bees would re-orientate to their new hive.




We left some comb with honey in it outside on a bench. The bees quickly found it and had it dry in one day.




After a couple weeks we moved Bethany’s nuc back next to Maylyn. We now had six hives. (Five after we gave away the third nuc.)






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