July 10 Hive Check

On July tenth, we checked our hives to make sure the bees were doing well. We carefully checked to make sure that the queens were laying in Bethany’s nuc and in the extra nuc.



Abigail is smoking the hive entrances. Bethany is preparing to go in the extra nuc.




Bethany pulling out the first frame of the extra nuc. Look at all the extra beeswax the bees built on top of and in between the frames.




Abigail putting the first frame on a frame holder. We bought a frame holder so that we would have a safe place to put frames we removed from the hives.




The bees had not built out this frame.



Abigail is smoking the bees around her. Bethany is looking at a frame and seeing if there are eggs on the frame.



All three girls working in the hives.



Olivia has a nice frame with some honey. Abigail is checking the bees honey supply in the supers. Bethany is opening up her nuc.



What do you see on this frame from Bethany’s nuc?



Let us take a closer look. There is some capped brood and larva. Bethany’s Queen is doing well.


All the hives were doing well. They all had eggs and a queen.



Bethany Kelly


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  1. I read your whole site, it kept me glued for almost three hours. Very interesting, I never thought about how much work and investment is involved in tending bees.

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