Looking Through the Hives with the Sanders

On July 12th, the Sanders came over to look through Abigail’s hive because they were being grumpy.



Abigail is opening her hive to show Mr. Sander what is going on. Bethany is carrying the smoker over to Abigail’s hive in case it is needed. Olivia is showing Mrs. Sander her hive.IMG_4217



Olivia was done checking her hive pretty quick because she found eggs and larvae.



Here is Abigail looking at her frame. Bethany is pulling out the next frame.



The bees were filling up the first super really good.




Olivia watching everyone finish up. Notice the swarm trap in the tree. A swarm had not moved in.  We were still hoping one would.


Abigail’s hive had a ton of hive beetles. The hive beetles were making the bees mad. To try to get rid of the hive beetles, we tried hive beetle traps. The hive beetle trap did not work. We then used a unscented swiffer pads. These worked really good in Abigail’s hive. The pads caught easily twenty hive beetles in two weeks.



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