Harvesting Honey

On July 30th, we harvested our honey. We harvested our honey the same day we were planning on extracting it.


We started the harvesting process by gathering our equipment. Bethany, Olivia, Mom, and I all completely suited up. We expected the bees to be very buzzy because we were going to steal their extra honey. We decided to just use bee brushes to remove the bees from the honey frames because we already had bee brushes and because it is the cheapest way. We were concerned that using just bee brushes would upset the bees.


Next, we opened up the hives. We decided not to smoke them because we did not want our honey to taste or smell like smoke. Bethany and I harvested the frames and brushed the bees of the frames. We then handed the frames to Mom who took them to Olivia. Olivia put them in a super that was on top of an outer cover and had an outer cover on top of it. The double outer covers system would keep the bees out of the harvested honey. Super frames should only be pulled if they are seventy to eighty percent or more capped. Only harvesting frames that are mostly capped, prevents the honey’s moisture content from being too high. Any frames that were not capped enough were left in the hives. We harvested twenty-three frames from three hives. We got the most frames from Green Gables (Abigail’s hive).


The bees got really agitated as we brushed them off the frames. However, no one was stung until Abigail started putting the last inner cover on the last hive. Abigail was the only person to be stung on this harvest day.


The next step to getting honey is extracting. We set all of the honey frames in our car so that they would be nice and hot for extraction.





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