What Have We Been Up To?

We have been super busy with beekeeping and life in general recently.  We need to upload pictures so this post will be a pictureless post.


What have we been up to?  Right now we are feeding our bees 2:1 sugar syrup about every five days.  The last batch of sugar syrup we made had two gallons of water with thirty-three pounds of sugar in it!  We have been feeding the bees so heavily because we want them to have plenty of stores for winter.  Nathan made us five quilt boxes yesterday.  We need to paint them and finish them up than put them on the hives.  The quilt boxes will reduce the amount of moisture that drips on the bees.  Abigail has been working on preparing for the IHPA conference.  She is preparing her presentation of her first year.  Abigail has made both plantain salve and lip balm recently.  We will be selling both at Our Honey Bee Store.  We are still working on labels for the lip balm.


We will have blog posts about all of the above sometime in the not too distant future.




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