Abigail’s First Year of Beekeeping

This past weekend at the Iowa Honey Producers Association’s annual conference Abigail received her official certificate of completion of the IHPA Youth Scholarship Program.  Abigail made a tri-fold to share about her first year of beekeeping.  All of the following pictures and captions were on the tri-fold.


My name is Abigail Kelly and I am a 2018 Iowa Honey Producers Association Youth Scholarship Recipient. I became interested in beekeeping when Mike and Julie Sander placed two hives on our property in 2016. The Sanders let my siblings and I inspect the hives with them. This started my love for beekeeping. In 2017, the Sanders told us about the IHPA Youth Scholarship Program and my sister, Bethany, and I applied. I received the scholarship. The Sanders became my mentors. Bethany got one of the two packages we got this April and I got the other. My first year of beekeeping has been a wonderful experience. I have gotten to see the queen lay eggs, bees emerging, and my hive grow. I got to split two different hives for a total of three splits, harvest and extract honey, and treat bees for varroa mites. A huge thank you to everyone who has made the IHPA Youth Scholarship Program possible and to my mentors who have taught me so much. As part of my IHPA Youth Scholarship experience, I have kept my record on my blog, DasselAcres.com.




Here we are picking up our packages from Spring Valley Honey in Perry, Iowa.

IMG_4506 - Copy - Copy



Me with my suit after it arrived in January.




Me pouring my bees into their new home.




Julie Sander, Olivia, Bethany, and I after a hive inspection.




A queen! We spotted queens quite a lot while checking our hives, but, of course, we never could spot her when we were looking for her.




I gave a presentation to my 4-H group on beekeeping in March.IMG_3017



The Sanders helping us inspect our hives.






Mike and Julie helped us extract our first honey harvest. We ended up with about one hundred and ten pounds of honey.






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