Entering the State Fair

The last two years we have entered the Iowa State Fair apiary category. This year however we tried a few new things.

Mom was the only one of us to try her hand at art. She ended up winning a first place ribbon in the beeswax art category. There were only three entries which makes winning easy.


This year our bees produced beautiful capped frames full of honey. This is Abigail’s sixth place wining frame.


We also had extracted or wet frames. This is a frame Mom extracted herself. She won sixth place.


This is Abigail’s fifth place winning extracted frame.


This is Bethany’s third place winning extracted frame.


This is Olivia’s Second Place winning extracted frame. We won four of the six spots in this category.


This year we got Honey! So we bottled pound jars to enter in the State Fair. Abigail got second place in the youth category and Bethany got third place in the youth category.


Unfortunately, none of us won a placing in candles. There is always next year.


Mom got third place in photos with a lovely picture of a bee on autumn joy.


All in all we did really well at the state fair and are planning on entering again next year.


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