Working the IHPA Booth at the State Fair

We were able to work the Iowa Honey Producers Association’s Booth at the State Fair. We were really excited to give back especially to IHPA since Abigail received one of their Youth Scholarships. Abigail and Bethany worked five days of the state fair, Olivia worked three, and Miriam worked one.

Abigail worked the candle rolling station twice. She really enjoyed talking to all the state fair goers especially the kids. All the proceeds from the candle rolling station went to the queen so that she could continue to educate people about bees. Abigail also got to work the observation hives. Observation hives are thin one frame wide hives with windows so people can see into them. Abigail was able to share about what the bees were doing, point out the queen, and got to explain why bees are so helpful.


Bethany worked the register three days. This was her favorite task. Bethany sold cosmetics at her register. Bethany kept a careful eye out for potential products to make.


Olivia got to do a lot at the fair including working the candle rolling table, hand out free samples, bag for Bethany, and put ice in cups and fill them with delicious honey lemonade.


Bethany got to fill cups with ice and honey lemonade for two days. She enjoyed it and got to drink lots of lemonade. All volunteers get all the honey lemonade they can drink. A great perk to volunteering at something that is already a ton of fun.


Working the sample table was Olivia’s favorite thing to do. She loves honey so she is the perfect honey spokesperson. There were easily over thirty flavors of honey. There was even creamed honey which is honey that is allowed to purposefully crystallize.


Miriam worked the booth one day. She got to fill cups with ice and honey lemonade. Next year she is planning on working more.


We all wore our IHPA shirts the days we worked. We all enjoyed volunteering and plan on volunteering again next year.



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