Taking Product Photos

The way a product is presented effects the way a product is perceived. On a website good product pictures are important to show the beauty of any product.

Abigail and Bethany both took some of the product pictures for Our Honey Bee Store. One important thing to think about when taking product pictures is what is the angle like. Abigail tried to take the pictures at the same level as the products. This involved lots of bending over. Of course, she took the pictures on a muddy day, which meant no kneeling.


Background is important in any picture. We took most of the pictures outside to get the natural lighting, but this meant limited background control. Honey bee hives is a great background for honey and beeswax products.


This wooden outside table has a great worn wood look and green grass is always a great background.


This picture has a house in the background, but it is not bad because the house is not in focus.


How to present the spiral candles was something we thought about for a long time. These candles are burned in candle holders, but we did not want to use candle holders in pictures. We ended up using a ringer for Mom’s heart shaped triangle and put the string of the tied candles over it.


I really love this picture. I love how the honey draws the eye.


Shadows are something to always keep in mind when taking photos. In most of the above photos the shadows are pretty much nonexistent. Unfortunately, they cannot always be avoided. We were careful to not use any photos where a shadow fell over a product. Knowing where the sun was came in handy. I believe this is banana lib balm.


When photographing white things, glare is a common problem. We did not use this picture on our products page because of the glare coming of the white lip balm containers.


Here is a top view of all the honey we extracted from our first batch of honey.


This picture we actually use on both our products page and our Facebook page.


Editing does amazing things.


I love this picture. Bethany took it. I love it because it is a very artsy picture. Good job, Bethany!



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