How to Make Beeswax Lip Balm

Abigail got a beeswax lip balm kit for her birthday in June. She was super excited and finally made some in September. Our lip balm is made up of equal parts beeswax, sweet almond oil, and shea butter with a little flavoring. Beeswax creates a barrier on the skin, but still allows the skin to breathe. Sweet almond oil moisturizes the skin. Shea butter moisturizes and it is an anti-inflammatory and skin smoother. Abigail has noticed the difference in how her lips feel since using our lip balm. She now can tell the difference between a beeswax based lip balm and a petroleum based lip balm.

Abigail made a lip balm tube holder out of wood. We saw someone else’s lip balm tube holder and knew we needed one for making lip balm.


Abigail simply marked where she wanted to drill hole on the wood then drilled the holes with a drill bit that created the right sized circle.


Our little brothers helped make the lip balm tube holder by blowing off the sawdust and checking each hole for size.


Here is a close up of what it looks like.


Here is Abigail making the first batch of lip balm. She made strawberry lip balm.


Here is how the lip balm tubes fit in the holder. Each single batch of lip balm made about six lip balm tubes.


Here is what the beeswax, sweet almond oil, and shea butter looked like when it started melting. We melt it in a glass measuring cup in a pot filled with water. This is a safe way to melt beeswax. After this is all combined the flavoring is added. We have a large variety of flavors. To see all flavors go to Our Honey Bee Store.


Miriam helped make a latter batch of lip balm.


Here she is measuring out the sweet almond oil.


This is how we set up the containers when we use both lip balm tubes and cosmetic containers. We set up more than we think we need so that we do not have to stop to grab more.


Here Abigail is pouring Miriam’s batch of banana lip balm. We use a funnel to pour easier. It is really easy to overfill the containers.


Any cooled lip balm not in the containers is remelted down and poured again.


Here is the finished project. This is banana lip balm in a cosmetic container. We sell one cosmetic container for two dollars.


Here is lip balm in a lip stick tube. We sell one tube for two dollars.



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