Checking Bees After Treatment

During treatments, beekeepers do not go into their hives for the treatments specified period. We treated with Apiguard with a treatment period of two weeks. Apiguard is a four week treatment. We have blogged about treatments here. After the four weeks were up, we got into our hives to see how they were doing. We minimally checked our hives between treatment.

Here is Mom, Abigail, and Bethany working on our hives.


Here is Mom looking at a frame. Notice the little comb on the side facing the camera. That is an outside frame and it will take the bees more time to fill it out with comb.


Notice that Mom is removing her first box, Bethany is cracking her top box to look in the bottom box, and Abigail is working on making room for her feeder. It shows the different paces people work at. It takes Abigail longer to go through her hive because her bees tend to be mean and she likes to look at what is going on in the other hives.


Everyone working on their hive.


Olivia is now working on her hive after making sugar water to feed our bees. Thanks Olivia.


Here is everyone working on their hives. Notice everyone working on their own hives.


Just because we work on our own hives does not mean that we can’t help each other. Here is Mom helping Bethany try to spot eggs on this frame.


We do not always check the full hive. Late in the season, we do not check the bottom box unless we are concerned about the queen.


All the hives except Bethany’s package hive (the middle hive) looked really good. Bethany’s package hive was having crazy queen issues which was not fun but was a good learning experience.


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