Preparing the Honey Bees for Winter by Feeding

We fed our bees two to one sugar syrup this fall to insure that they would have plenty of food for the winter. To make two to one sugar water, we heated water than dissolved twice as much sugar by weight into the water.

Here is a picture of Abigail mixing the sugar water. We made up about five gallons of sugar water every time we fed the bees.


Here is Abigail pouring the sugar syrup into the feeders. We gave each hive about a gallon. Any extras went to Maylyn (the fourth hive from the right) because they have a two gallon feeder instead of a one gallon feeder.


We poured the sugar syrup into gallon pitchers because it is so much easier to pour into the hive with a pitcher.


The bees will take the sugar syrup from the feeder and fill any extra cells with it. Then the bees will dehydrate it and cap it. The bees will eat the already stored honey and the sugar syrup throughout the winter.


We kept feeding the bees sugar water from September until the temperatures started dropping to the forties and thirties.


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