Mountain Camping 2018

The second day of the IHPA conference is coming soon. We apologize for the wait.

Mountain camping is when sugar is put on the top of a beehive to give the bees emergency stores for the winter. Mountain camping also acts as a moisture absorbent and prevents moisture from dripping on the bees.

Here is Abigail pouring sugar into ice cream buckets to carry out to the hives. Each hive got about a gallon bucket full of sugar.


We put newspaper on the top of the top deep and got the paper damp. We would have liked to use a spray bottle to get the newspaper wet, but did not have one so we sprinkled the water on top by hand.


Here is Abigail sprinkling water on the newspaper.


Here is Abigail pouring the sugar on top of the wet newspaper. We then sprinkled water on the sugar to keep the sugar packed together.


This video shows Abigail pouring the sugar on the newspaper. (Click on the video to play.)


We just poured the sugar right on top. The bees go down into the hive to avoid the sugar. (Click to play video.)


We added sugar throughout the winter. Some of the hives ate the sugar faster; others ate the sugar very slowly.


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