Working a Vendor Fair with Mrs. Sander

Vendor fairs are good ways to market a product. Mrs. Sander works quite a few vendor fairs and let us tag along with her in November. We watched her talk to costumers and learned how she keeps track of what she sold. We learned a lot about the business side of beekeeping from Mrs. Sander.

Mrs. Sander uses pieces of wood to create texture on the table. The table cloth gives the table a more professional appearance. The prices are on the brown sign in the middle of the table. Our lip balm is in small Mason jars. The Mason jars allow for sorting and are an inexpensive, but classic container.


Here are Olivia, Abigail, and Bethany by the MJ’s Hometown Honey table. We are each holding our favorite candle.


We learned a lot from Mrs. Sander and even ran a vendor fair for her in December.


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