Treating the Hives with Oxalic Acid January 2019

In January, we treated our hives for mites with oxalix acid. Oxalix acid is often used to treat for varroa mites in the winter when there is no brood in the hive. The Sanders came over to help us treat because they had the equipment needed and experience treating with oxalic acid.

Oxalic acid is vaporized into the hive. Because oxalic acid is dangerous when breathed in, anyone vaporizing must wear a respirator to prevent the breathing in of the oxalic acid.


Both Abigail and Bethany were able to help treat the hives. Before either of them helped, they were told how the treatment had to be done. First, the entrances are plugged except for where the vaporizer goes. The powdered oxalic acid is poured into part of the vaporizer. The vaporizer is then stuck into one of the entrances and flipped. The vaporizer is left in the hive for a little bit then removed.


We treated all five hives. This treatment was not a main treatment. It was a clean up treatment that helped give the bees a lower mite count going into spring.


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