Checking Bees and Adding Sugar

In early March on a warm day, we decided to look and see the status of our hives. We wanted to check to see where the cluster was and if they needed more sugar.

Here Abigail opened the Primlox and just peeked inside. She tried to keep the cold out by not popping it completely open. Yes, we had snow in March.


Abigail is lifting up the winter box to see the cluster. The Primlox cluster is towards the very front. They had plenty of sugar so we did not add more.


Abigail is now looking at Bethany’s hive. Note the mold on the cover.


Abigail looking to see the bees and sugar.


Bethany’s hive needed more sugar so Abigail added newspaper to lay sugar on.


Now Abigail is adding sugar while being careful not to bury bees.


In Mom’s hive,Abigail is adding sugar. Abigail is putting water on the newspaper to harden the sugar some when it is lain on top of the newspaper.


Now Abigail is adding sugar to Mom’s hive to replenish the bees food supply.


Abigail checking her hive.


Abigail closed the hives up quickly before the bees froze.


Hopefully with the added sugar the bees will have food to survive the winter.


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