Great Pictures from April!

Because we have a blog, we take pictures to help us communicate what we are talking about. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see tons of adorable bees?

On this particular day Olivia and mom had finished checking their hives so Olivia volunteered to take pictures for us. Let me tell you Olivia is pretty good around the camera.

Here is our smoker, you can see the dark spot in the middle that shows that we use it.


A picture of our cluttered work area.


A gorgeous frame of brood.


Bethany starting to pull a frame of brood out.


Lots of Bees!


Scooting frames.


Two of out hives with the smoker.


While we are in the hives we have a handful of people take pictures for us it is really helpful to us and I want to thank them. A big thanks to Dad, Miriam, Olivia, and anyone else who gets stuck taking pictures.

We are truly blessed to have such helpful family members!


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