2019 Central Iowa Beekeepers Association’s Auction

Every April the Central Iowa Beekeepers Association has an auction. Beekeepers consign their beekeeping equipment they no longer use and other beekeepers buy them. Mom helped with the auction, Bethany took pictures and helped in the Queen Cafe, Olivia was a runner, and Abigail helped in the Queen Cafe.

Quite a large group of beekeepers come to the CIBA auction.


Here is Abigail working the Queen Cafe. She made sure there was plenty of food out and helped serve lunch.


Abigail sewed her honey bee apron for 4-H. It is perfect for beekeeping events.


We love being at the CIBA auction. It is a great way to get to know other beekeepers. We ended up buying some bottom boards, inner cover, outer covers, and super frames.


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