Putting Swarm Traps Up at Our House

Swarming is how a colony naturally reproduces. We do our best to prevent our hives from swarming, but just in case the bees get ahead of us we put two swarm traps up at our house. In this blog post, we show how we made our swarm traps.

We put on swarm trap between our garage and our chicken coop in a tree on the edge of our “woods”. Our dad got up on a ladder and put them up for us.


The other tree is also on the edge of our “woods”, but on the other side of the chicken coop.


We ratchet strapped the swarm box together then ratchet strapped it to the tree. We pointed them southeast as it is the bees preferred orientation.


As of now we have not caught anything in these traps, but as they are just in case one of our hives swarm, we are okay with this.


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