Queen Presentation at AG4KIDS

As the Central Iowa Beekeepers Associations Honey Queen, I, along with another beekeeper, talked to almost three hundred 5th graders from three different schools about the importance of honey bees to agriculture at the AG4KIDS Day in Madison County. AG4KIDS is an all day event where students learn about different aspects of agriculture.

Here I am explaining to the students that one in every three bites of food we eat would not exist if not for honey bees.


The students most asked questions were “Why is the queen marked?”, “What is propolis?”, and “Is that mating?” pointing to a picture of a queen and a drone mating. Eventually, the other beekeeper and I started our presentation by explaining why the queen is marked. The queen is marked so that she can be spotted easier and so that the beekeeper knows how old she is.


I really enjoyed sharing the importance of honey bees with the students. This was my first presentation I gave and I learned a lot from giving it.


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