Adventures with Ed and Cathy

On May 24th, Bethany, Abigail, and Mom helped Ed and Cathy with a unusual swarm situation. While we were at their house, we looked through their other hives with them.

Here we are looking at a flourishing hive. The bottom box was full of bees so we added a second deep.


Here we are looking at a frame. We helped Ed and Cathy spot eggs on their frame.


This is the hive the swarm came out of. The swarm moved to the tree.


As we were about to leave, we looked at some bees on the ground and spotted a queen with a cluster of bees. We caught the queen and put her in a plastic container.


Next, Bethany and Cathy took the queen into a car and caged her.


Here we are with the container with the caged queen and attendants in it.


I believe we put this queen with some of the frames from the table hive in a nuc. Last I heard, all three hives are doing well. Hopefully, they continue to do so.


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