May 4th Hive Inspection

On May 4th, we inspected our three hives. All three hives had a super on.

Here we are opening up our hives. Bethany helped Olivia inspect her hive, Primlox.


The bees had not done much in the supers at this point.


Here we are starting to look in the deeps.


Abigail’s hive had a lot less bees then she thought it would have.


In this picture, Olivia is cleaning off burr comb from the top of her frames.


Abigail is looking for eggs on this frame.


Here is Abigail, Bethany, and Olivia looking at frames. The frames leaning against the side of Abigail’s hive is empty.


Here is Mom looking at a frame from Maylyn Sorority. Maylyn is looking strong.


Here is a picture of a frame from Abigail’s hive. The brood does not look right on this frame.


This picture shows brood cells with sunken cappings. Sunken cappings can be a sign of sickness.


Here is the same frame without the bees. Most of the capped brood cells have sunken cappings.


Here is the other side of the frame. This side has more dead pupae on it.


Abigail was concerned that her hive had European Foulbrood. (Blogged about here.) Mom thought that it was only frozen brood. To find out for sure, we contacted the state apiarist to see if he could come out and look at the hive. Because the state apiarist is so busy, it took a while for him to come out.


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