Building Wax Melter as a 4-H Project.

A wax melter is something I was interested in for a while so finally I chose to build one for a 4-H project. I asked Mr. Sander what he used for wax melters. He showed me his favorite wax melter and gave me suggestions on how to make it better. The wax melter I made was roughly 2 feet by 30 inches.


We picked up wood and I started cutting it with my father’s ever watchful eye on me. I used a table saw to cut the wood.


I put glue in between the wood then I held it tightly together.


Then I drilled a hole in the wood for the screws and twisted a screw into the hole.


Here I am drilling a hole.


After I finished the sides of the box I traced a piece of plywood to the size of the box.


Then I cut the piece of plywood to size.


Next, I added glue to the side so I could attach the bottom.


I drilled holes for the screws so I could attach the bottom. I started in the corners then I did the rest.


I first painted the outside of the wax melter starting in the corners.


I painted three coats of paint.


After I was done painting the outside of the wax melter I let it sit overnight then did the inside.


Here I am doing the second coat.


I also painted another piece of wood that i would use when attaching the plexi-glass.


Here are some of the broken paint brushes. I suggest if you are doing your own wax melter you invest in nice brushes.


Here you can see the plexi-glass is attached.


Here I am hammering a nail into a disposable tin to make holes to strain the wax through. Do this to one pan or get a special grill pan.


I widened the holes with a screw.


Here you can see the broken plexi-glass. Plexi-glass is incredibly brittle especially when cold. You can also see the top pan has an old t-shirt that was cut up in it and wax on top of that. The top pan is the one I put the holes in.


Here is the wax melter in use. I used duct tape as a temporary fix until I got new plexi-glass.


Here is the wax after it went through the wax melter once.


The wax melter got considered for state fair but was not chosen. I am also entering to get a project award for the wax melter.

I am planning on making more to sell at the Central Iowa Beekeepers Association’s Auction in spring.


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