Adding Queen Cells to Two Hives

In May, Bethany’s hive, Bamarre, went queenless. They could not queen right themselves so we bought a queen cell to help them along. We also had a queenless nuc, so we bought a queen cell to put in the nuc.

Here is a picture of a queen cell. The orange cages does not allow the bees to tear down the cell.


Here is a picture of a brood frame in the nuc. As you can see there are very few bees or brood in the hive. They are definitely queenless.


We removed all the frames from the nuc and put a brood frame from Mom’s hive to the nuc. The brood frame gave the bees a population boost.


The nuc had laying workers in the hive. So Bethany took the frames up by our garage and shook all the bees off of them. The laying workers are too heavy to fly back to the hive so they die.


Here Mom is adding one of the queen cells to a frame from the nuc.


We put the frame with the queen cell on it right next to the brood frame.


Here Mom and Bethany are looking for a brood frame in Bamarre.


Mom found a great frame.


We put the queen cell on a frame that had brood on it.


We had to wait about a week for the queens to emerge then two more weeks before they started laying.


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