June 6th Adventures in our Hives

Beekeeping is full of adventures including replacing queens, harvesting honey, and treating for mites. In late May, we caged the queen from Abigail’s sick hive and put her in my queenless hive.

Here is Abigail scraping off wacky comb. Wacky comb is comb the bees built where the beekeeper does not want it built.


Here is the queen cage with workers who wandered into the cage.


Can you spot the queen in this picture?


What about this picture? Can you spot the queen?


Here is Abigail pouring sugar syrup into a feeder to help the bees fight diseases and pests in the hive.


Look at that brood that is what you want to see with a good queen.


Olivia looking for eggs with the sun over her shoulder.


Can you spot any eggs? There are two in this picture that can be seen. Remember, eggs look like grains of rice.


Look at the fat drone. He has the giant eyes.


Abigail is “painting” the sugar syrup on the foundation to encourage the bees to build comb on the foundation.


Here is mom pouring sugar syrup in her hive.


Here is Olivia closing up her hive. Notice Abigail’s hive (to the left of Olivia’s hive) is closed up with duct tape. We were still in the process of euthanizing them.


We fed our hives to encourage them to build up.


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