Story Time at the East Side Library

On June 6th, I (Abigail) led story time at the East Side branch of the Des Moines Public Library. First, I introduced myself.

Here I am reading the book Little Bee by Edward Gibbs. After reading this book, I asked the children why a hunter (from the book) would run from a little bee. The answer is because the little bee might sting the hunter. I then explained why honey bees sting. Honey bees might sting because they are scared or angry.


After explaining why a honey bee might sting a human, I read the book Bee Dance by Rick Chrustowski. This book talks about why honey bees do the waggle dance. After reading the book, the children acted out the waggle dance. They found flowers around the room then went back to where they were sitting and did the waggle dance. Eventually, the waggle dance turned into twirling.


Finally, I showed them some of the frame from my teaching hive. I showed them the life cycle of a honey bee and a honey bee pollinating a flower. After story time was over, the children got to plant autumn joy in little planters to take home and color bee themed pictures.

I loved leading story time. It is one of my favorite programs I have developed.


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  1. Fantastic, Abigail! That sounds like so much fun. It’s wonderful to see how you girls have really taken such an interest in beekeeping and sharing what you have learned. I’ve been enjoying all the posts you and Bethany have been sharing.

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