East Side Library Hive Inspection Presentation

On July 2nd, I gave a Hive Inspection Presentation at the East Side Library as the CIBA Honey Queen. First, I introduced myself. Then I explained what a beekeeper wears when inspecting. I explained that different beekeepers will wear different amounts of protection.

Next I explained a beekeeper’s tools. In the picture below, I am pretend smoking the hive entrance. A beekeeper smokes the bees to calm the bees down and mix up their attack pheromones.

East Side Hive Inspection - July 2nd, 2019

After I removed the outer cover and inner cover, I explained the difference between a super and a deep. A super is where the honey bees store the honey and the deep is where the honey bees raise the brood. In this picture, I am removing the super so that I can “inspect” the deep.


Here I am showing a real frame that has honey in it. I also showed a frame that shows the life cycle of honey bees. Finally, I talked about how the bottom board is the bees entrance.

East Side Hive Inspection - July 2nd, 2019 (3)

After my presentation, all the kids and adults were able to make a rolled beeswax candle. This picture shows all the colors they got to choose from.

East Side Hive Inspection - July 2nd, 2019 (4)

Here are some of the kids making a candle. This craft is a favorite wherever I do it. Everyone also got to plant pollinator friendly seeds to take home.


This was such a fun program.


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