Checking Backyard Hive and Seeing the Queen Bee!

I know you will all see July and say isn’t March. We were having problems with our blog so we got a bit behind. I am happy to announce that we got our blog working and we will be getting back into the swing of things.

Here mom is taking frames out of a nuc in our back yard.

Here is a supper frame with bur comb. You can also see honey on this frame.

Below is a frame of brood. You can see larvae and capped brood. You can also see the queen she has a worn yellow spot on her thorax.

In this picture you can see the queen standing over nectar.

This is another picture of the queen! Spoiler Alert: This Picture also won a fifth place ribbon at the Iowa State Fair!

In this picture you can see eggs (if you look really closely), larvae, and capped brood.

On this frame, you can see pollen. You can tell this frame is older because the comb is much darker then the comb above.

Here is mom looking for eggs. When looking for eggs it is best to have the sun to your back. However in this shady area that can be hard.

Below Abigail is adding a empty frame to Mom’s hive.

Abigail puts “Dassel Acres” and “2019” on this frame so we know what year the frame was put in. We Put “Dassel Acres” on in case we lend out frames or they get stolen.

It is always fun to see a queen and it is even more fun to see a queen and eggs!

Bethany Kelly

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