Abigail’s Basket of Beeswax Products 4-H Project

One of my 4-H projects was a basic of beeswax products. I learned how to make all of these products in 2018-2019. I decided to learn how to make all these products to utilize the beeswax we removed from the hive. Beeswax has amazing health benefits. Beeswax candles are long burning and burn clean. When they burn, they make the air drop the dirt out off the air allowing it to be cleaned up. Beeswax in creams, salves, and lip balms moisturize and protect the skin. Beeswax based creams, salves, and lip balms are great alternatives to petroleum jelly based cosmetics.

In the basket, there is three molded beeswax candles, two dipped beeswax candles, two lip balms, a plantain salve, and a Mom’s Favorite Body Cream. Each link is to the blog post where we explained how to make each product.

As you can see my basket was selected to represent Polk County at the Iowa State Fair. I was thrilled to see that my project made it to the State Fair.


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