Beekeeping Links

Below are some businesses that we have purchased products from and we are happy with our purchase.  None are affiliate links and therefore we do not make any money if you buy from them.  We just want to promote them.  We also try to buy locally, when possible.


Dassel Acres

Dassel Acres is the name of our company.  The link above will take you to our Facebook page.  We try to keep it updated with short updates on what is going on in our business.

MJ’s Hometown Honey

MJ’s Hometown Honey is our mentor’s bee business Facebook page. If you are looking for locally produced honey in the Des Moines metro area, I highly suggest buying from them (if your not going to buy from us 😉 ).

Mann Lake

Mann Lake was the supplier of the beekeeping kit I received through the IHPA Scholarship.  They offered IHPA a great price and we were able to purchase a second set up at a reduced rate so the bees would have a better chance of surviving and Bethany could join me in this adventure.

Lappe’s Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC

At the IHPA annual conference in December of 2017, Abigail won a door prize of a gift card from Lappe’s Bees. Lappe’s Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC is a local bee business.

Spring Valley Honey Farms and Beekeeping Supplies

Spring Valley Honey Farms and Beekeeping Supplies is a local beekeeping business. This is where we got our packages from.  We get most of our equipment from Spring Valley Farms and Beekeeping Supplies.

Local Beekeeping Groups

Being part of a beekeeping group is important because one will get to know fellow beekeepers and will learn from other’s experience.  Local beekeeping groups are also crucial because all beekeeping is local.  It is OK to get general information from others, but for specifics, it is important to have local people one can turn to for advice.

Iowa Honey Producers Association

Abigail received the 2018 Iowa Honey Producers Association (IHPA) Youth Scholarship. Besides the Youth Scholarship Program, they have an annual conference, annual summer field day, Queen Program, a booth at the Iowa State Fair, and special events throughout the year.

Iowa Honey Queen Program

The Iowa Honey Queen travels around the state to educate about honey bees, beekeeping, and the products of the hive.  Abigail was the 2020-2021 Iowa Honey Queen.

Central Iowa Beekeepers Association

The Central Iowa Beekeepers Association is a group of beekeepers from  Central Iowa. They have semi-regular meetings and an annual auction.

CIBA Honey Queen and Ambassador Program

The CIBA Honey Queen or Ambassador travels around central Iowa to educate about honey bees, beekeeping, and the products of the hive. Abigail was the 2019 CIBA Honey Queen.

Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers

Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers is a small group of beekeepers from around the Des Moines metro area. While much of the interaction is done via a Facebook group. We meet once a month in person to discuss beekeeping and help each other learn and grow as beekeepers.