Our First Posts

Now that we have been blogging for so long, it is hard to go back and find some of our first posts. If you are just joining us on our honey bee adventure, we want you to be able to see how it all started. This page has our first six posts with a brief synopsis about each.

Our first post ever was Our Honey Bee Adventure. In this blog post, we introduce ourselves and our blog. You can find a more updated introduction at About Us.

Our blog post Working with Bees in 2016 explains how we became interested in beekeeping. Mike and Julie Sander, a beekeeping couple, placed two hives on our property and let us inspect the hives with them. We thought honey bees were really interesting and continued to learn about them.

One of the ways we learned about honey bees was by reading books. Bethany blogged about her favorite honey bee books here and Abigail blogged about her favorite beekeeping books here.

The Sanders still had two beehives on our property in 2017. They continued to let us inspect the hives with them in the spring of 2017. In our blog post Inspecting the Bees in the Spring of 2017, we talk about how we became more active in helping Mike and Julie inspect their hives.

Bethany and Abigail both applied for the Iowa Honey Producers Association’s Youth Scholarship Program in 2017. We blogged about it here. Spoiler alert: Abigail received it. (Only one youth in a family may receive it.) The IHPA Youth Scholarship Program is how we were able to get hives. It is such a great program!

We are enjoying our beekeeping adventure and hope that you will follow along. Maybe it will even encourage you to start your own beekeeping adventure.