Our Honey Bee Store

Welcome to Our Honey Bee Store! Here we have pictures of all our products and we also have our pricing.

Inventory and availability subject to change. Watch for new products!


Liquid Honey


One pound queenline jars of honey for $10.00 a jar.


Approximately one pound five ounce pint jars of honey for $12.00 a jar.


Creamed Honey: Pictures coming soon

Five ounce jar for $6.00.  Ten ounce jar for $10.00.  We occasionally have other sizes.  Ask us about them.


Lighthouse beeswax candles for $4.00 a candle. Dimensions: 3¾” tall x 2⅕” at the widest part.


Skep beeswax candle for $5.00 a candle. Dimensions: 3″ tall x 2¼” at the widest part


A bear hugging a skep beeswax candles for $3.00 a candle. Dimensions: 2 ¼” tall x 2 ¾” at widest part


A honey bandit (picture coming soon!) candle for $3.00 a candle.  Dimensions: 2″ x 2.63″


Small spiral beeswax candles two for $3.00 or four for $5.00. Dimensions: ⅜” wide x 4″ tall

Small skep beeswax candles for $3.00 a candle. Dimensions: 1½” tall x 1½” at widest part.

Floating rose beeswax candles for $3.00 a candle. Dimensions: 2⅝” from petal to petal x 1⅛” tall.

Top view of floating rose beeswax candle.

Votive beeswax candles for $4.00 a candle. Dimensions: 2″ tall x 1¾” at widest point.

Beeswax Products: 

Plaintain Salve – A salve that is used on bug bites and bee stings. The plantain salve is made out of coconut oil steeped with plantain and beeswax.   A three ounce jar for $5.00.


Mom’s Favorite Body Cream (Pictures coming soon!) – This cream is made out of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax. It is a great moisturizer and heals minor cuts. Original, lavender, or dandelion. A four ounce jar for $5.00.

Lip Balm – The lip balm is made out of beeswax, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and flavoring.  Flavors peppermint, strawberry, and black cherry.   Availability subject to change.  One tube or cosmetic jar for $2.00. Below picture is of lip balm tubes.


The below picture shows cosmetic jars.