About Us

We are sisters who love honey bees and want to share our adventure.



 I got into beekeeping when my mentors placed two beehives on our property. They allowed my siblings and I to inspect the hives with them. My mentor told us about the Iowa Honey Producers Association’s Youth Scholarship Program. I applied for the 2018 scholarship and received it. I started this blog to keep a record of my first year as a beekeeper and am continuing it to share my love and knowledge of beekeeping. In March of 2019, I was crowned the Central Iowa Beekeepers Association’s Honey Queen.  I spent 2019 traveling central Iowa to educate about honey bees, beekeeping, and the products of the hive.  In November of 2019, I was crowned the 2020 Iowa Honey Queen.  Throughout 2020, I will be traveling Iowa to educate about honey bees, beekeeping, and the products of the hive.  I will be sharing about my year as honey queen on this blog.  Besides beekeeping, I love to bake and cook. I especially like to cook soups and bake cakes and pies. I play the piano, flute, and a little bit of both the guitar and violin. I play the piano for congregational singing at my church and occasionally am able to play flute for congregational singing as well. I am the president of my 4-H group.



I enjoy reading, writing, baking, drawing, and biking. I play soccer and softball. I take care of our family chickens. One of my recent hobbies is beekeeping. Beekeeper friends of ours put hives on our property in spring of 2016 because they cannot have bees in their yard. Our beekeeper friends have been kind enough to let my sibling and me help inspect their hives. In November 2017 my sister, Abigail, won the 2018 Iowa Honey Producers Youth Scholarship. With the bees and hive starter kit Abigail received, our family was able to purchase a second hive set up at a reduced price. Mom bought this reduced starter kit so I could start my beekeeping adventure, too. On this blog I want to learn and help others learn about bees and beekeeping. Hopefully, I will be helpful and influence other people to get bees and start their own beekeeping adventure.